The Trusted Team in Rural Lending

Established in Deniliquin in 1996 by Harold and Bonnie Clapham, Mainland Finance has been — and always will be — committed to rural and regional Australia.

We started with one office in Deniliquin before opening a second branch in Wagga Wagga, and we’ve steadily grown to be one of the leading rural finance service providers.

Mainland Finance understands a simple fact about Australian finance and investment – the money is where the business isn’t. The major banks, investors and finance companies in Australia are based in the cities.

What these companies don’t understand is that 40% of business activity is still done by provincial businesses. The size of population does not explain the size of business.

We are country people that understand the potential and importance of rural investment, and experience rural and regional issues. Country people are used to difficult times and are constantly at the mercy of the weather, having to deal with fluctuating commodity prices and seasonal uncertainties.

We also understand things like how to apply for rural asset finance, sources of agricultural finance, and how to finance rural property – things that the big banks just don’t understand.

Contact us today to see how Mainland Finance can help you now and into the future.