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As country people ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by rural families and business owners every day. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a number of lenders to offer specialised livestock finance options. Agri-finance cash flow and management solutions can make a huge difference to your operation, giving you the opportunity to expand your business without affecting any existing finance arrangements you have.

Livestock finance is available to fund purchases of sheep and cattle for backgrounding, finishing or trading purposes. In most cases, we provide funding for 100% of the purchase price and take direct security over the livestock only. This gives you the freedom to explore exciting business opportunities through livestock, generating extra income while maintaining good security with your current lender.

Don’t miss opportunities

The world is full of opportunities for those who are able to reach out and grab them. That’s often the case in agriculture, and we understand that the ability to take fast action on a livestock purchase is extremely valuable to most agricultural business models. However, if you don’t have the finance or capital available to purchase livestock when the opportunity presents, you can miss out on serious profits.

With Mainland Finance and StockCo, you can now take advantage of the opportunities you encounter without risking your financial security or existing security arrangements with your bank. Our team of professional brokers understand agricultural life, so we can also provide plenty of advice on how to structure your finances for maximum income-earning potential.

Real agricultural solutions

Some finance brokers have relationships with a few certain banks and lenders, meaning their clients don’t get to explore the full range of what’s available. As evidenced by our partnership with StockCo, we go the extra mile to provide customised services to our agricultural clients. If you have finance needs other than livestock, we’ve got access to a huge range of lenders and products that best suit your needs.

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