A range of vehicle finance options

Is your family car on its last legs? Maybe you need a specialist work vehicle. You might even be looking to acquire a fleet of vehicles for your business. No matter what your needs are, the team at Mainland Finance is here to help.

We take the time to understand your circumstances and vehicle needs. That’s how we offer the very best financial products, including Specific Security Agreement (formerly Chattel Mortgage), Hire Purchase, Rental, Operating and Finance leases. It’s the personalised service that makes the difference, because we understand your needs and future goals before we even start recommending a solution.

Novated leases

We often get asked about novated leases, and in many cases, they’re the perfect solution for your needs. With a novated lease, you make monthly payments with the majority going towards the vehicle itself, while a portion goes towards running costs such as fuel, insurance, registration and more.

If you like the convenience of knowing that most of your vehicle expenses are covered in one easy payment, ask us about novated leases today. They can often be a great way to get into a reliable new vehicle today, without the hassle.

Business and personal

Whether you need a fleet of vehicles for your business or a family car to get the kids to sport on the weekends, we’ve got options galore. The benefit of teaming up with Mainland Finance for your vehicle needs is we’ve got decades of experience in both commercial and personal lending. We know which finance options are the best fit for your individual circumstances.

There’s no finance request too big or too small. Speak to us today, and discover the Mainland Finance difference. It’s our goal to ensure you have everything you need right now, while still being prepared for the future.

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